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Feast in a Bag
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Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #55
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #9
December 04, 2013
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3:57 minutes
i got me a feast in a bag i found it out back in a dumpster dive i got me a feast in a bag i found it out back in a dumpster dive it's all i got to keep me alive! way out back by the rail road tracks! i got me a box and a sleeping bag. shopping cart and a rain coat to go down town with nothing to do sit around on the bench ask for change for gas for my car i tell them i got a pregnant wife and a hungry dog car broke down every thing went wrong. help me buddy give me some cash so i can buy a sandwich. stand on the offramp i dont need a ride. look at me i am flying a sign look at me i'm blind in one eye but i can see as good as another guy you see me here and wonder why can't you tell! i'm a dumpster diving kind of guy! no need to ask me why i have always been a dumpster guy i like it this way aint no strain and i get lot's of cash but i blow it on booze you might think i got the blues but i bet i make more money than you you make me barf when i think of you and all the wonderfull things you do can't you see your wrecking the planet ivory wall's and tables of granite piles of cash i hope you need it i hope you get all you got coming me i'm going to stick with bumming