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A Sucker For Sorrow
This is a song many woman can relate too. somewhere there is a woman out there who gets treated bad but cant seem to leave the one they so call love,no matter how many times they get hurt by the same person they don't seem to learn
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November 30, 2013
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Story behind the song
I just decided to write a song many woman can relate too, i put my self in the shoes of a woman and try to think from her point of view, what type of things she would feel being hurt over and over again, and no matter how hard she tries to leave she just decides giving chance after chance and keeps going through the same things, it's like she likes being hurt therefore she's a sucker for sorrow
A Sucker For Sorrow Verse: hurt me again just like the last time, appologize one more time, ill take you back just like the last time, over again i tell myself, i can trust him, over again i fall for it, i never learn from my mistakes, Chorus: Ill forgive u 1 more time, pretend u did me right, push all my pain aside just one more time, pretend u never hurt me, ill give u one more tomorrow, i guess that im a sucker for sorrow, When will i learn from every burn, and every tear, you make appear, i go back on my word to go away never come back, then im back in your life, for another tomorrow, i guess im sucker for sorrow Verse 2: things go right for another day, then we fight again and its back to the same, we kiss and hug and go back to love, then we fuss and fight for another night, this has got to be the final straw, this has got to be our last good-bye, but i go back on my word one more time Verse 3: i fall for you every single time, you play with my mind and i give into you, your no good for my health, i should be by myself, but i stay with you one more tomorrow i guess im a sucker for sorrow
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