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Chasing the Blues
Driving blues tune - tasty lead at 2:45 :)
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Blues - Blues General
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Ken J Hill
(c) 2013
November 27, 2013
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CHASING The BLUES (c) Ken J Hill - 8/1/2013 ------------------------------------------------- V1 V3 ------------------------------------------------- I used to chase my blues away But now they're chasing me I just don't want these blues again I need to set them free ----------------------------------- Can't carry round this much baggage Gonna leave it by the door The weight of conflict took it's toll Just can't take it any more ---------------------------------------------- C1 C3 ---------------------------------------------- Be true to me like there's no other And I'll be there for you We're both to blame for all that's wrong You know this time it's true So whatever it is that's just not right It isn't worth the fight Time to turn around and see the light ----------------------------------------------------- V2 (V4=E) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know that you can hear me saying Don't try and turn away We must now meet in the middle If we're gonna find our way ----------------------------- It's not that I don't love you You know that is a fact It's just that I must be true to me And that is not an act ------------------------------------------------ C2 ------------------------------------------------ The blues is but a feeling That neither of us need And if we don't accept it Then it surely can't succeed The weight of conflict leaves a frown So please don't bring me down I just don't want these blues hangin 'round --------------------------------------------------