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Elias Cole
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. :-)
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Donald P. Hetchka Jr.
November 20, 2013
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Elias Cole rode into town with 20 dollars gold Lookin’ for wine & whiskey & women bought and sold Elias Cole rode out of town in a box inside a hearse And a bullet in his back, Lord, couldn’t make matters much worse Elias Cole was gambling man with an ace inside his shirt And a pair of well-worn six-shooters that he used to put people in the dirt Elias was pretty straight-shooter and he paid his ladies well But Elias had a little bitty secret that you could hardly tell Elias Cole, Elias Cole Did you ever have a soul? What once was a heart now is a hole A hole in the ground for Elias Cole Elias had a little bitty kit bag with a needle and a spoon And a pretty little vial of Morphine That he used up in the hotel room Elias had a pretty bad habit; it required 3 shots a day Just to get him on his feet, Lord, just to make him feel OK Well Elias had a good night gambling and he decide to celebrate With a little bit extra in the needle and he could hardly wait. When Elias pulled down that plunger 3 punks jumped into his room And that little bit extra in the mainline is what spelled Elias’ doom A hole in the arm for Elias Cole Well punks are all good at losin’ and they always want their money back So they all drew their pistols on Elias as he was noddin’ in the sack Elias made a run for the window but he was movin’ kinda slow And the ugliest punk pulled the trigger and decided to let go Elias took a bullet in the backbone and he fell out the window to the street And a horse drawn wagon ran him over and a stray dog was chewing at his feet But Elias just lay there grinnin’ cause he couldn’t feel a bit of hurt And Elias Cole died with a big wide smile right there in the mud and the dirt Now all listen up all you children for the story of Elias Cole All he ever wanted was a heart in his life and all he ever got was a hole But a hole is what dope is gonna give you and it’s six feet in the ground And the bottle and the pipe and the needle is gonna lay your body down A hole in the back for Elias Cole A hole in the ground for Elias Cole