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Reaching for the Flame (Solo)
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Latin - Pop/Balada
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Dave Van Wormer
November 18, 2013
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Verse 1: Monday morning's just around the corner; a snooze alarm and clock that you to blame. But as you leave, the life you'll weave: in places not the same. So don't forget, nor have regret, while reaching for the flame. Verse 2: Hearing through clear ears, takes all your courage; when you hold your tongue, it's half the game. To see your truth, is just for you; will save you so much pain. A way to grow, a chance to know, while reaching for the flame. Bridge: Verse 3: Knowing when to ignore the drama; is the rest that everybody needs. Apologies, no need for these; no need to feel such shame. If burned one hand, the other can, keep reaching for the flame.