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Finally Free (Beat By: Francis Le Vesta)
Finally Free is a song that almost anyone can relate to in one way or another, and it can help whether in a bad mood, or just to get you pumped up while in any mood! Check it out! Ty!
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #213
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #20
Jordan Joseph
Produced by: Francis Le Vesta (JeeJuh Productions)
November 12, 2013
MP3 3.1 MB
160 kbps bitrate
2:45 minutes
Story behind the song
Making the decision to break free from being stuck behind the desk all day working a 9-5, well 1-10 at the time, but mainly that I am now free to make my music, go after my dreams but stay awake and aware along the way, and I still have my job, because I definitely need a source of income (= This can also have other meanings, which is intended so the listener can relate to the music!
I am right here, I said I am right here, go on and say it Say it to my face, behind my back, or whisper it in my ear, admitting you were wrong is something I never thought I would hear Sure we were dear and near, but I know that you knew that you were wrong all along, and to get it off your chest you should feel the weight lifting, now the pressure is gone, now you feel so strong Tell em what's on your mind, don't be afraid to rhyme, all them days lookin back in time, wastin your life, and now it is mine, I am taking back what's mine, yea I am on my grind, no one can stop me now because it's my time, my time to shine Dark, lonely and cold, no matter the day, we're all gettin old one step in the past, and a day in the future can go so fast what are you doing to yourself, waitin to finish last? nah you gotta get on with life one day a time, lookin back is only one step closer to dyin and cryin is not a bad thing, don't listen to them, they are only lying, especially when you give it all you got at least you are trying, never denying, always applying and defying that underlying reason for complying to be identifying and if they don't like it then tell em to stop replying because in this game there is no tying but rather only one shot for multiplying which is what im implying so stop sighing you gotta let it out and start writing so you can finish supplying this music in which everyone be liking This is really you, and what you love to do, so good job or not, this is a passion and my soul can't be bought, I hope that is something you caught, now go ahead and give me a shot, and I promise you won't regret it like you may have thought, some say they know the plot, but I ain't taking sh** for granted, I want nothing implanted or transplanted except this natural seed of talent that has already been planted, I guess you can call me enchanted, sorry I just ranted, oh f*** it, no I'm not!! That's what they chanted because I am finally back to being the real me, as in I am finally free from these hand cuffs of life, yea these hand cuffs of life, you gotta know what is wrong or what is right, something I am against subliminal slavery, yea that's right