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Toffee Love - www.jensong.com.au
UTAS assignment song based my choice of phrase, chose one about finding ones true self
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Pop - Pop General
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
July 13, 2014
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TOFFEE LOVE I’m such a box of choccies Who knows what you’ll get When you take your first bite Am I heaven or regret? Minefield of deadly centres None of them taste right My psyche holds the answer And she’s damn well holding tight She says it’s my journey To find buried delight Oh stars above Toffee love Heart bending Sticky ending Toffee love I’m digging deep inside me To find the right one I meditate forever But nothing comes I’m no strawberry cream Far too sickly sweet No peanut brittle either All harsh and indiscreet But chewy screwy caramel Sounds a lot like me I’d be proud to have a toffee heart And hold you endlessly Gooey strong and stretchy I am toffee I will last Way beyond this moment Beyond a sweetless past I will make you speechless No words get through When I catch you in my sticky web Nothing else will do Cupid’s toffee arrow Will shoot his sugar spike So I become your favourite In the choccie box of life