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That One Time
A story about an uncle I never met, a war hero I never met.
Country - Bluegrass
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Joanne Tramonte
October 27, 2013
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Story behind the song
A story about an uncle and war hero who died before I was born.
That One Time (C) Joanne Tramonte 2/13 Spoken intro: I must've been about six, seven, or eight, when I heard it... VERSE Heard a recording of Uncle Joe one time. Spoken on an an old .45. One he's sent home from overseas. Grandma played it for my family. His voice was young and strong. He died way before I came along, CHORUS But Uncle Joe's voice was alive that one time. That one time, that one time. I could picture him smiling that one time. VERSE 2 "He survived those islands in Japan," said my dad, his voice deadpan. "Enlisted in the Marine Corp. Joe shipped out in a wet down pour. Didn't know what he could do. But Joe sure fought in World War Two." CHORUS BRIDGE That one time: a clear, cheery voice, Left behind, three little kids and my Aunt Anne. His fatal stroke changed their plans. CHORUS Tag : That one time. Spoken: I must've been about 6,7 or 8 when I heard it.