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A UTAS assignment song I had a lot of fun with (for others to perform as usual). I have always been fascinated with lifts and their energy so this bit of silliness had to happen sometime or other!
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
July 13, 2014
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3:00 minutes
SPACE INVADER Hungry jaws of parting doors Hungry jaws of parting doors Hungry jaws of parting doors Draw me Brief encounter mystery journey Random travellers time and space Individual destinations Mind warp face to face Hungry jaws of parting doors Claw me Rubbing shoulders sharing auras Space invader personal kind Sensual tension bodies spooning Fantasy consumes my mind As hungry jaws of parting doors Trap me Squeezy cosy canned sardines Eyes averted sparks connect Oh what I could do to you In this tin box of disrespect As hungry jaws Chew me Caught midstream in daydream endings Just as mind games look so sweet Chiming doors announce it’s over Regurgitating incomplete Hungry jaws of parting doors Spew me What is it about lifts that set me adrift Into forbidden corners of my mind Draw me, claw me, trap me, chew me, spew me Squeeze me, tease me, please me.......I think I’ll just take the stairs
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