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Up in the Belfry
For the 2013 CBC Halloween Challenge. Listen with headphones in a dark room.
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Larry Ludwick
Larry Ludwick
October 23, 2013
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I see you would climb to the top of Grim’s Tower On Halloween’s eve at the witching hour, But before you do I would have a word In the case that you have not the true story heard. Geoffrey Grim was a solemn and evil man As grim and unfeeling as any could be. True he married a maid, but it was but a plan For her money and power his secreted fee. The marriage was doomed from the very first days There were rumors of fights, of violence and tears. His wife threatened to leave after one of these frays Taking wealth and power vile Geoffrey’s worst fears. No one knows how he lured his wife to the Belfry But on a dark, moonless night she took her last breath. He claimed a loose railing when she leaned to look over That was recorded on her record of death. Geoffrey drew inward soon following the fall, He was often distracted; something wrong in his head. He looked to the Belfry as if hearing a call The voice of a person he knew to be dead. Each night he would climb the old twisting stairs He told others to mourn the passage of his wife. One night he fell from the same Belfry corner Was it a jump or a push that ended his life? Tonight when you climb to the top of this tower You’ll hear whispers I am sure mid the bells constant clangor Stay away from the railings, the winds have a power To touch like two hands forced through rage and through anger.
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