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Isn't It Enough
Light, easy, melodic, from Nighthawkrock's latest cd, Silence Overdone. Play loud!
Electronic - Dance
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Michael Maroon
C & M Studio 2018
April 30, 2018
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7:44 minutes
Story behind the song
Breaking Point
Isn't It Enough Written by Michael Maroon Once you've entered through the door it's love. Once you get in through the door it's love. Feeling went through, how about you? Isn't it enough? Moving, her line true, and feeling like you know what you are doing. Time to put away the love that threw the game. Every time the lights go out, you're gone. When nobody else is around. Time to put away those things I thought I heard you say. Isn't it enough? When nobody's looking, you steal. Every time your love is looking in left field. Time to put away all those things I thought I heard you say. Isn't it enough? Sometimes things are better left said. Those things you said to me are all for dead. The lies that you deny over the fear, tell me, Isn't it enough? Walking by the memory of you, feel your going to steal what's left of you. If I could find it in your heart, you'd steal it all right from the start, well Isn't it enough? We start right from the beginning, isn't it a buzz? Always out unless your sinning, is this called love? You do things you want to do, no matter what the cost, ah isn't it enough? You do things you want to do, doesn't matter what I do. Thinking of yourself again, always of you. If you think I'm putting up with it, why, what for? I think I had, well, isn't it enough? Go home, I've had enough. I've had enough. Always cut me down, why, what for? Oh don't you think that I've had enough? I don't want to feel it. I don't want to see it. Tired of taking abuse from you, it's all I ever seem to do. Ooh, isn't it enough?