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I am Strong (Woman Eternal)
This is a new version of my song now sung by the wonderful Rose Millard for my 2014 CD
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown
October 14, 2014
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Sacred this place where I stand beneath stars In circle I cast with water and fire Moon lights my step as I dance to the Lady Weaving my spell so bright with desire (Chorus) I am strong, I am born of woman and man My flesh is their flesh My Spirit my own From Ocean I rose, to Earth I will fall I am Daughter and Mother and Maiden and Crone Love of the Lady alive in my heart I ask for her wisdom in my word and my deed Bring beauty and goodness to all that I do Shine light in my darkness as I follow the creed Timeless the moment and ancient the Craft As turning and spinning I gather my will Binding the threads of my spell to my purpose Always for goodness and never for ill
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