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Have No Faith
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An atheist hymn
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Michael Carpenter
(c) 2013 Michael Carpenter
September 27, 2013
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Story behind the song
Written as an alternative to the huge number of religious songs, this is an atheistic hymn of sorts. It celebrates the fact that we are capable of learning and discovery, and that we are not under the yoke of any Bronze-age myths. I realize that this sort of thinking may be upsetting to some, but (the growing numbers of) people who live good lives based on rational thinking and accept evidence over 'faith' also need songs that celebrate reason instead of superstition.
Have No Faith I have no faith, that there’s someone above us I have no faith, that there’s someone who loves us We’re all alone on this Earth Like we’ve been since life began No king to rule us from birth No proof that there is a plan I have no faith, in blindly believing I have no faith, in a heavenly being We learn by discovery Not by praying with some old book We know what is proven to be When we open our minds and look I have no faith, that my soul is immortal I have no faith, but my life is still moral We don’t need proselytizing Or commandments to try and explain How life can still have meaning Evolving along with our brain I have no faith, in a myth of creation I have no faith, in eternal salvation Nobody’s died for our sins To save us on judgement day No prize that the righteous wins It all just fades away
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