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"Nothin' But Your Love"
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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September 23, 2013
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"Nothin' But Your Love" Words and music (C) 2013 Darin Martin, Juliet Lyons and Barry French Vocals by Juliet Lyons (V1) I don't have wings to go where angels fly Or a ladder long enough to climb up to the sky But in Your presence, I'm higher than high And I'm feelin' nothin' but Your love (Chorus)X2 You give me hope when I need it Your love's what I believe in In my heart, I'm feelin' Nothin' but Your love (V2) I cannot see You but I know You are there You know the answers to each and to all of my prayers Take my hand and lead me to where I have nothing but Your love (Repeat Chorus) x2 (Ride) Instrumental Break (Bridge) I've been walking on the clouds Can't keep my feet off of the ground Ever since You came around I've got nothin' but Your love (Repeat Chorus) x2