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On My Mind
This is a great R&B/Soul Hip hop twist dance hit song for your next party for sure! This song was written for the Movie, "The Internal Mist of Love". It is also a great song about a man that sees a vision in a woman of love that stays on his mind.
Urban - Neo-Soul
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John E. Bell
September 04, 2013
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song when i saw a beautiful girl that was on a plane ride with me as I was traveling on a business trip and she was coming from the Carribean Islands, the country was Barbados. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen that day. It is apart of the Movie, "The Internal Mist of Love" as well.
Verse I You're a perfect creation born out of this air. Your lips your eyes your lovely natural hair. Your Carribean skin oh, it makes me stare. Now I only wish that I, that I was your type. I mean if I can only be whatever you like. Cause in my mind, the presence of you remains all the time. Chorus: Cause every image of you is on my mind, and all the things you do is on my mind. I never seen a woman like its so true you're on my mind, yea. Cause every image of you is on my mind. And all the things you do is on my mind. I never seen a woman like you and I swear its so true, you're on my mind, ohh! Verse II I saw you on a plane baby flying into Memphis, you sit right next to me and it was instant bliss I never seen a natural woman that made me feel like this. The beauty of your presence created an atmosphere. I didn't get your name but yet I want you here. Cause in my mind, I think about you all the time. Ohh Chorus repeat adlib Vamp End