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Natures Pick the Greatest Gift
This is a great song. It is a song that talks about why men like natural looking women and a great strong intelligent woman that makes a man feel wonderful. Now that is truly Natures Pick! Movie Sound track as well.
Urban - Neo-Soul
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John E. Bell
September 04, 2013
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3:54 minutes
Story behind the song
This is a song I wrote that I felt would explain to any woman why being Natural and intelligent is the greatest gift for a man to have. It is apart of a movie Sound track as well
Verse I I talked to an old couple that Met hanging out in DC. They sit me down and said son here some wisdom to you from me. You need to find you a good woman. One like Natures pick. You need to write our wisdom down cause I know your life it will fit, we going show you how to find the greatest gift. Chorus And that's Natures pick baby, a good strong woman that comes so naturally. She don't need no make up or no weave. No she a kind strong woman that will make you heart believe, that when it comes to love it will last like Adam and Eve. Natures Pick baby, Natures baby, Natures Pick baby Verse II Now the old man smiled as he sit thinking aloud, he said son hears another word that will carry you a hundred miles. He said me and my wife have been together all our life and that's Natures pick uh hum... so the greatest gift of life is to find someone you love and can live with. Now that gift of life is love given to us from God about to those who know it. Yea Yea Chorus repeat Verse III Now the greatest gift is to know that we are together you and me the wa God intended it to be yea...and with your pretty little hand in mine we'll be together for all time and this is one you can believe all baby. Pre chorus: because the greatest gift of life is to find someone you love and an live with yea and the gift of life is love given to us from God above to those who know it...Hey! Chorus Full Vamp adlib....need your sweetness baby, sweet strong lady, hold me tight baby ah hah! need your touch baby.... End