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11 Windy City Girl
A song for all our Chicago ladies!!!
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Dina Facklis & Chresten Hyde
Dina Facklis/Virgin Daiquiri
September 02, 2013
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Story behind the song
We love our Chicago ladies! We think they're the best around.
Go ahead and toast Those girls on either coast Those girls that line the beach With hair that’s sun- bleached Those girls that walk too fast In the shadows buildings cast You know those girls so fancy From LA and NYC (melody change)Either way we know that’s not where you wanna be… You want a windy Windy Windy City Girl That windy girl Windy Windy Windy City Girl Takin on the world. Windy city girl--- She’ll braves the sleet and snow Windy city girl- She always seems to know How to be a lady when the time is right And how to be real tough when you wanna fight. Not afraid to get hands dirty Corn-fed and made real sturdy. Every good man knows That’s girl that he needs. He wants a… Bridge: She’s deep dish She’s four-wheel She’ll help you move She keeps it real She’s Wrigley She’s southside She’s Lake Shore And El Rides Big Shoulder Hustle. She’s all Chicago muscle. Women in Manhattan have someplace to be Those girls in Malibu drink smoothies with green tea Seattle girls with horn-rimmed glasses OC girls in yoga classes. Southern girls got drawl But you’re always gonna crawl Back To the Windy Windy Windy City Girl Windy City Girl (chorus wrap up)