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05 Daddy's little girl
Just my point of view of why our women are in the state their in... good or bad
Album - $9.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Robert Purvis, Tyan Locker
August 18, 2013
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3:45 minutes
Story behind the song
Just my point of view of why our women are in the state their in... good or bad
Daddy's Little Girl 1st verse Her education begins, father, lover, best friend, that's the spot that you in, when your daughters birth end. See the role of the Dad is to be the best man, cause the character you present is the one she understand. If you lay around, can't be found, life like a bum, now it's hard to see a man cause she never knew one. Now you can play the role, that the women makes her whole, but the man suppose to lead you can feel it in your soul. Man it's written in the code, you the King of the household, you protector of these folks you determine how it goes. She's not the one for results, your the one who's at fault, she's for love and support, man you know that's what's taught. See the daughter always seek father's love, that father hug, father gives approval on everything she does. Who she dates, what she wears, how she even comb her hair, If the father don't care, then the daughter don't care. chorus [female] I'm still Daddy' Little Girl [BIGGZ] they say good girl gone, (wild!) but women have to stand alone fathers ain't home. [female] I'm still Daddy's Little Girl [BIGGZ] now how you have a male role model when the father ain't there to be a man for you to follow. [female] I'm still Daddy's Little Girl [BIGGZ] and now you got a man in your life and you can't be a wife cause you can't treat'em right it's Daddy's fault why you caught up fallen short, cause the role of the man ain't taught. 2nd verse See daddy's little princes, be mislead when he missing, got them wolves at her head uncooked bread in the kitchen. Giving up the kitten, for attention that she's getting, she don't even feel these nigga's if the truth be admitted. For what she knows and see, this the best a man can be, can of hoe-ish in his nature selfish to his family. Her father was a rolling stone, never home, always gone, type who like to be alone, never talk just grant and moan. And now she's grown, all her sense's then gone, she's confuse thinking a woman can be the man of the home. Goes out and try to date one, thinking they can rise a son, tell me where that come from, what the hell he gone become. Or she contest, everything that man address, ain't no rest, unless, she feel she's his equal or his best. This situation is a mess, he's the King of the nest, make sure you find a man who can lead to happiness. chorus x1 ad lib Let's make this clear. I'm not talking about the fathers who take care of their kids and not with the mother. I'm talking to those who just ignore their kids. Support and love means more than money.
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