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The Legend of The Book of Gold
Once upon a time.. The prelude to Ekaterina's Myth & Magic series.
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Michael Duran
Michael Duran
August 16, 2013
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Story behind the song
A fable to give a little backstory to Ekaterina's tale of Faolan and his quest for Celtica. Voice : ATT Audrey16 & NaturalReader software. Magix Music Maker MX Instruments and Native Instruments VSTI's played using Masterkey61 MIDI controller, GR-55 Guitar-synth and Carvin guitars.
Before the age of men, there was a Dragon named Llwyd, who could take any form. When mankind appeared on the scene, Llwyd took to impersonating a wandering wizard. But this is not his tale. not exactly.. King Bleddyn, ruled over the first age of man, in a land now only remembered in myth and tall tale, as Celtica. Now in Bleddyn's court there was a wizard, named Llwyd, who came and went of his own accord, and answered to no one. But Llwyd had a fondness for the Queen Rhiannon, and would come to leave magical toys for her delight. After the birth of her son Aneirin, the wizard was not seen again for 7 years, at which time he appeared, in the middle of the night, as a sleepless King Bleddyn was walking the parapets. Something troubles you, m'lord? Bleddyn spun around to see Llwyd standing there, smiling.. like it was yesterday they parted, tucked in his left arm was a book, the like of which, he had never seen. It glowed like gold in the sun, even in the dim moonlight. Where've you been all these years Demanded the King! and then to appear unannounced! I come because you had need of my, services.. Again, something troubles you m'lord? There's nothing I desire from you Llwyd said the King, my land is secure because my people are brave and ready! So! then you have no need of this trifle, as he spoke, he lifted the opened book, in both hands before him. The Kings eyes never leaving it for an instant, the glowing text seemed alive. The spell's in this book can grant you the power to control the seasons, the rivers and forests, the crops and livestock.. all at your control, and your enemies, Llywd's eyes glittered.. will cease to exist! The Book can be yours, but at a cost smiled Llwyd. What do you want growled the king, becoming tall and threatening. I ask and want nothing sniffed the wizard, it will be the book that collects the debt! If you are just and wise, the cost will be light, if you are foolish.. the cost will be.. severe. The wizard handed the book to Bleddyn, and as he turned to leave, he stopped, and said, Oh! I almost forgot.. A trinket for the Queen Rhiannon, and handed the King a small jewel, in a golden cage suspended from it's chain, it glowed icy blue green deep inside, the kings gaze was finally taken away from the book. A little novelty acquired, from the Ice Queen. And, do be so kind as to give my regards to the prince Aneirin, and his lovely Mother. With that, an astonished Bleddyn, stood in the moonlight, staring at wisps of vapor. now King Bleddyn was wise, and the years passed uneventfully for Celtica, with mild Winters, bountiful harvests, fat babies, and shops brimming with goods. Their former enemies grew docile and friendly, in hopes of trade, and to bask in the warmth of Celtica's newfound golden age. The people of Celtica under the care of King Bleddyn, together with his queen Rhiannon and their son Aneirin, all passed the years in peaceful bliss, or so it seemed.. Now that Aneirin had grown to strong manhood, he would enter the many mock combats that had become so popular since all of Celtica's enemies had melted away. displayed on Aneirin's armor, was his mothers jewel, which captivated him as a child, and was given to him to celebrate his first "victory". Aneirin would stare into it's icy depths to settle his nerves and steel his courage before a joust. Along with the courage, came another feeling.. of longing. Desire. A yearning for something, just beyond reach.. Lust! These thoughts. He kept to himself. One mild Winter night, with the moon shining over a land free of ice and snow, Aneirin saw his father entering his "secret" chamber. Now, Aneirin had seen this many times before as he grew, sometimes waiting unseen, until the King returned,. But tonight, he felt compelled to try the door.. it opened silently, and a golden light at the end of a hall beckoned him. Standing before the golden glow was the King, arms stretched out over a book, chanting verse, over and over. Aneirin realized, he had discovered the source of his fathers continued youth and good fortune. A dark thought occurred, that with this endless boon his father possessed, his chances of ever ascending to the throne were dashed! A burning started deep in his breast, spreading, overwhelming.. how unfair! His mind clouded. The jewel at his neck cast an icy light about him as he approached the King and struck him a fell blow. Aneirin grabbed the book, and fled down the hall back into the courtyard, to find himself standing knee deep in snow, as he spun around, there was no trace of the castle or village, no fields in the moonlight, only endless barren hills covered in ice, even the pattern of the stars looked unfamiliar. In his hands, the light of The Book was now dim, a lock sealed the bindings, and no effort could pry it open, Aneirin's repeated attempts only caused him intense pain. In the years that followed Aneirin, in his wanderings, finally found a small mountain village to settle in. He kept a small shop with a room above, where The Book was safely hidden in a leather pouch. Although he spoke to noone of The Book, or the jewel, he would often tell the most absurd tales, of a wondrous land, full of unbelievable bounty, free of strife and want. These tall tales were often greeted by the patrons of Andorra Le Vella's tiny pub, with applause, and many more flagons of ale. Of course, no one believed a word he said.
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