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DoomShroom feat OxyMoron - Doom (Single Version)
Doom performed by DoomShroom featuring Oxymoron produced by Malevolent Misanthropy
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #1,253
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #666
2013 Malevolent Misanthropy Studios
August 12, 2013
MP3 7.5 MB
160 kbps bitrate
6:31 minutes
(DoomShroom) Verse 1: Back in this b*** with more malevolence Its the trippy lone motherf*** in' son of a b*** Bringing more hot sh** now lets get to it To them sucka' f*** in' n*** s out here throwin fits Actin like tricks, b*** I gotta big clip Unload it on you and your crew, pigs get here I split Consider the bitterness from the rest we reppin east Texas Where a call or a text could lay your body down to rest Pre Chorus (DoomShroom): Semi Automatics, creepin 'round the static Reach around my waist, lead to ya face, when I grab it Have ya body spewing maggots, tragic black magic Not ya average package I'm a motherf*** in' savage I ravage My life is lavish My stash is hashish My groupies love to f*** so you know I'm always down to smash it The sh** I spit is a trip but not these hollow point tips Could care less about ya set, where ya from or whether you a blood or a crip Chorus: Have you chewin lead, bleedin red all from the head I'm the Don of The Dead...Nothin else left to be said I'm wreckin mics, endin lives, different b*** every night It's the mother f*** in way I choose to live this crazy life Wrong or Right we livin' to die so no need to even ask why Just ball the f*** out all about with my pistol gripped so tight To all my people that I love best believe I'll see ya soon And to all my motherf*** in' haters I'm ya motherf*** in doom (DoomShroom) Verse 2: I'm handing out vouchers for the motherf*** in morgue Right in ya face up at ya door and I'm about to unload about four Me and my dogs out for blood and we just wont quit It's all apart of the sh** in the name of malevolence I'm takin no survivors and witnesses must go 'cuz the way that I see it if you ain't a bro, then gonna be a ho Ya quick to snitch, ya b*** you tell to get rich quick, ya feeling sick Thinkin ya slick ya just got caught up in the wrong f*** in lick I'm bringin doom in more rounds than a weapons compound Its goin down first shots to me so I can be the last man standin now I'm goin out in blaze, you're amazed, none of my shots miss or graze What can I say where you lay is your grave too bad no one could come and save The end of you days starts right today, goin outta my way Just to see ya motherf*** in' pussy ass get maimed Malevolent Misanthropy got more RIPs we the MVPS At puttin n*** s six feet deep down without a peep, eternally sleep Pre Chorus Chorus (Oxymoron) Verse 3: I'm goin insane, bringing the pain, get in my way n*** use ya brain Ya words are grain, you think what you sayin is stopping sh** mane, here come the maim There goes the pain, along with ya brain, Im chillin on jane and dealin cocaine Aint got no shame, its all for the game, no one can tame, b*** swerve out my lane F*** with my clique and I'm f*** in wit' you and buckin at you and f*** in ya b*** We shoot at you, enemies, bring you the doom, don't care if ya poor but ya f*** ed if ya rich Break down the door, we bust in ya room, (???), and make It a stitch Take ya ass out, leave you in ditch, take off with ya sh** , nice knowin ya b*** All my homies stay padded we pull the gats And make ya day tragic the masses is goin' spastic Its a war motherf*** er so ya gotta stay strapped Keep it real, hold it down so you wont have to deal with the rats F*** a pig, F*** a snitch, F*** a busta, F*** a b*** F*** all who against us you will catch my whole clip I hold it down for my life, cuz even my wife has a knife So I keep my gun and say hun "you better use it right" (referring to the knife) Outro: Yea, Oxymoron and DoomShroom for Malevolent Misanthropy motherf*** ers F*** wit us, We still chillin in our zone, still doin our thing, still not giving a f*** , still blowin big Still drinkin, still sippin, still doin the big bad things motherf*** er F*** all yall, F*** with us or F*** ya, simple as that We bringing doom to all you haters, now you gotta respect that or check that Chorus repeat til end