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"Wastin' Kisses" (acoustic demo)
Words and music (C) 2013 Darin Martin
Country - Country-Pop
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August 09, 2013
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"Wastin' Kisses" Words and music (C) 2013 Darin Martin Demo Production by Galen Breen - the Gator Hole, Nashville TN Vocals by Julie Burton (V1) If I warned you once I warned you a thousand times That the truth would someday catch up to all your lies You've been seen with your cheatin' heart all over town So save your alibies, I know what's goin' down . . . and (Chorus) I'm so tired of loosin' my precious time On cheatin' men who put a strain on my mind If I can't have your heart, then I'm through Wasting kisses on guys like you (V2) What makes you think you could play me for a fool I'm on to your silly games, I won't play by your rules You just lost the best thing you ever had Don't come cryin' to me when she starts treatin' you bad (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) You got alot of making up to do Or I'll soon be taking it up with you . . . cause (Repeat Chorus) (Outro) Now you know how it feels when I'm kissin' someone new Cause I'm no longer wasting kisses on guys like you . . . yeah