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When Darkness Falls
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all words and music by Michael Calderon
2013 No Doubt Music
September 02, 2013
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Story behind the song
this deals with the main character's struggle with in. The emotions of doubt are sometimes to hard to even comprehend and often we are left wondering if it really happened or not. at this point the hope is till a distant concept
When the Darkness Falls Whispers in my head I think everything's just fine But it’s not perfect Nothing ever is I’d leave it all behind Never looking back And still I wander thru the darkness Living a lie all night is easy Look in the mirror what do I see? Reflections of a stranger When darkness falls Another day unfolds Pull the covers from my head And I can't forget the things I should have said The night before all My thoughts were clouded Too early to remember too late to forget hook when the darkness falls there's no one to turn to and the cloud covers your soul cant get in from the cold when the darkness falls and you're ready to end it It’s not the end of the line Just make up your mind When the darkness falls I've taken all that I can take Emotions get in the way I don't want to wake To another day Emotions getting stronger And the days are getting longer Darkness doesn't haunt you anymore When the darkness falls