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all words and music by Michael Calderon
2013 No Doubt Music
September 02, 2013
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Story behind the song
The struggle with addiction has taken a greater hold. Like a love, addiction accepts us blindly ,then almost without notice we feel betrayed. There are so many addictions in our world, in our life... Damaged deals with a glimpse
DAMAGED V1 Whispers from inside, they fill my mind Fill my head, what was said, Reality is so unkind The truth is a haunting melody Fact is, it’s broken All the lies, I despise As I scream and I shout I just can’t find my way I can’t find my out Hook It’s the damage I can’t seem to escape Just, can’t seem to outrun The damage Staring me down Now not another sound V2 Take it for granted… my life’s a mess I’d open the door… but you’d never get past …..Get past….. Get in It was so long ago…and I can’t remember The damage was done in another time Some other when, some other rhyme Or reason, we don’t forget As hard as we try We remember it all And I’m Damaged Hook 2 It’s the damage I can’t seem to escape Just can’t seem to outrun The Damage Staring me down Now not another sound I’ve taken your hand, then you pulled it away Gave you my trust… Just to hear you say How I’m damaged… Beyond recognition Close the door… Toss the key…finally free CHANGE Leave me alone Get away from me, away from me Lock the door, run outside Look and find a place to hide Cause I’ve lost all touch with reality Finally free… just a distant memory… of the damage