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Rain On Me - Clip#5
Scripture narration with Harp accompaniment tuned in 528 Hz for calming, healing, soothing, peaceful listening
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Shirley Rees/Narration - Steve Rees/Harp Music
August 07, 2013
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17:14 minutes
Story behind the song
Discoveries in the healing qualities of 528 Hz frequency have inspired us to create this album of music combined with scripture readings. It is designed to help reprogram and restore our bodies that are constantly bombarded by overloads of anxiety, stress, fears, and frustration. We believe these words and music will help the listener return to a state of wellbeing and spiritual health and so thrive
Using various scriptures about YHVH's provision for us in the form of rain to provide the life-giving water that we all need both spiritually and physically; reminding us of our complete dependence upon our Heavenly Father for these precious needs.
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