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The Ballad of John & Mary
John Leaves Mary in search o fwhat he can't find. Mary doesn't seem to care. Years pass. Mary searches for something SHE can't find (Johnny no doubt), John realizes what he couldn't find or see was always right in front of him (Mary). The End.
Rock - Folk Rock
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Eric K. Holbrook
Eric K Holbrook
August 06, 2013
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Story behind the song
Lyrics don't really make total sense and I meant to go in a different direction with the story, but one rhyme led to another and this is what I ended up with.
It was 100 years ago today That johnny walked into the night He turned his back on all that he knew Searching for what was right Mary watched through her window She cared not what was the cost As Johny blew a last kiss to her She turned away and Johnny was lost If I am to find anything, he said I must set forth now and depart To find what it is I can't see But leaving her does break my heart. A year passed by as he did travel And He wrote her letters each day But when he read what he wrote back to himself he threw each letter away He yelled, i don't know what im looking for I search every night and each day I cant see what may be in front of me Only what has had passed away. One tuesday morning on her way work 5 years after johny had left Mary took the path heading east Instead of to work on the west She cried i don't know what im looking for But I'll search every night and each day I cant see what may be in front of me I only want see my johny today. John yelled, mary, I know what I'm looking for But how many long years behind It is now very clear, it was you, mary dear How Can I can go back in time ? Because i know now what i was looking for That i searched every night and each day I couldnt always see what was plainly in front of me It was you, mary and I'll never go away..