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DZK vs Bonnie B (Mellybear)
http://rapmusic.com/threads/round-1-beef-match-bonnie-b-vs-dzk.1358887/ DZK vs Bonnie B. GRB 8/5/2013
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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DZK/Jake One
August 05, 2013
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I just loaded up your picture, oh my my weird, I'm seeing clear like a four-eyed guy and the more I try, I realize, you're more my size Bonnie? REALLY? nah, she more like Clyde better yet, like a Clydesdale, we don't wanna ride [FAIL] vag wide-open, her thigh got a side-rail leading you inside there -- [[it's haunted]] by a gay phantom that feeds on her tampons [chompin'] I'm a monster with a conscience, look... I won't mention how your boyfriend beat you... whoops ...I won't mention how he cheated too... [damn, again!] I won't say that he gave you a child and abandoned him damn it, look, I will not mention... that between your rapping and him... ...I'm still a bigger fan of his I'll be silent like a mannequin, I promise I won't mention you don't even know if he's the father Mellybear, taking selfies on her celly there looking healthy, too much peanut butter and jelly, dear sucking in ya belly looking hella weird, f*** you! calling ME fat in your diss? with that gut, boo? hell naw, she post before mine... b*** , you said the word "cake" forty five times so, it's pretty clear, what you got on yo' mind and it's pretty clear, that you write your own lines [yeah] soon as you open your mouth, then you should to know to stop put that f*** ing mic down, chick, stick to holding cocks this soda pop lonely twat need some photoshop somebody take the food out this "Bear's" mouth like Goldilocks to keep her off the stove-top, you'd need Mirko Cro Cop with no socks, forming a road-block as he throws shots this chicks lips are so thin.. she need a f*** in ten pound injection of botox to blow cocks so.. Bonnie Bathory asked to get matched with me? did anybody tell her -- the smell of pussy is like crack to me? what the f*** you have to be, smoking, to casually approach your majesty's throne and poke him? are you joking? off with this b*** es head, and onto the ground with it off with this b*** es head... all sixty five pounds of it I find it funny that your name has "bath" in it when if you took a bath, it would look like you took a crap in it
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