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A chant. Vocals sung by Rose Millard.
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Acoustic - Folk
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Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown
June 26, 2018
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Dryad Shy and gentle Dryads Beloved by Artemis You’ve guarded Oaken Groves Since Times lost in the mists You tend each branch and bough And watched your trees grow tall And mourn each fading leaf As Autumn brings the fall Chorus In this Grove on Sacred Ground We will dance the Circle round We will dance the Circle round You love each precious Acorn As a Mother loves a Child You teach them ancient Wisdom And Stories of the Wild And as they leave your loving care And fall to Mother Earth You cast a gentle Blessing On this magical rebirth (Chorus) Dance with me sweet Dryads Beneath the Oaken boughs And Bless me as I pledge to you My sacred Druid Vow I swear by peace and love No harm shall fall to thee This Grove is Sacred Ground And ever more will be (Chorus)
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