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Morskoj Almaz (Gimn Peterburgu)
Tribute to the great city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally composed in 2003 in celebration of the 300th anniversary of its founding, I finally found time to make a digital recording in 2013. The lyrics are in Russian.
Pop - Euro Pop
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Alan Marscher
2013 by Alan Marscher
July 05, 2013
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Story behind the song
My wife, Svetlana, is from St. Petersburg, so we visit every year. The city is striking, with pastel-colored buildings, many with gold trim and roofs. It is criss-crossed with canals and it's river, the Neva, is very wide. The city borders the Gulf of Finland. The best part of St. Petersburg is the culture and the people, many of whom are high-level intellectuals or, if they are not, appreciate music, literature, and art. The Hermitage art museum displays some of the best artwork ever produced by humanity. And the Marijnskij Theater features outstanding ballet. Everyone should see the city before it becomes too commercialized!
1. Morskoj almaz, mir bolee kraciv iz-za tebya -Diamond of the sea, the world is more beautiful because of thee Kazhdij chas, my schastlivy vnutri tebya -All the time, we are happy to be inside thee Perekryoctnye kanaly, zelyonye pacteli - Criss-crossing canals, green pastels Ocharovyvayut nac, my ne zhelali by zhit' bez tebya - Charm us, we wouldn't want to live without thee 2. Cankt-Peterburg! Tvoya kul'tyra necravnenna - Saint Petersburg! Your culture is unrivaled Balet, kontsert - i literatura unikal'na - Ballet, concert - and unique literature Ty vsem dayosh' pitanie dlya dushi - You give everyone nourishment for the soul My tebya pozdravlyaem, s tvoim tryohsot letiem - We congratulate you on your 300th anniversary Most: [- Bridge:] Nenaglyadnyj gorod na solntse, pod dozhdyom - Gorgeous city in sunshine, under rain Odnako ty ochen' zorok, ohranyayuschij ot zol - But you are very vigilant, protecting us from evil Nashe vdohnovenie, i tkach nashih snov - Our inspiration, and weaver of our dreams My zhelaem zhit' vechno, u tebya nasha lyubov' - We wish [you] to live forever, you have our love 3. Geroj knig, gorod Pushkina poezii - Hero of books, city of Pushkin's poetry Dom avtorov velikih, i tvoj Ermitazh velikolepnyj - Home of great authors, and your Hermitage is magnificent Tvoi lyudi kracivy, nepobedimy - Your citizens are beautiful, sophisticated Zhit' v tebe chastlivy, pochtitel'ny oni k tebe - Happy to live inside you, they are respectful to you [Povteri most] [- repeat bridge] [Poveri 2.] [- repeat verse 2] Konets: [Ending:] Nash gorod velichajschij - Our most great city
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