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Scared Senseless
Upbeat, nice rock drums, fun tune to play. This one stays with you :)
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Blues - Blues General
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Ken J Hill
(c) 2013
July 03, 2013
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4:11 minutes
Story behind the song
Political statement about groups scaring one into voting, thinking, and submitting themselves due to the emotional response of the issues.
Scared Senseless (c) 2013 Ken J Hill =========================== (they want you) SCARED SENSELESS - every step you make need you LOST and DEFENSELESS - so even more they'll take they want you SCARED SENSELESS - so you won't ask them why need you LOST and DEFENSELESS - so you'll believe their lies Feed you lies till you're filled with fear Even when the facts are clear so you'll do what they want you too then they'll have full control of you Paranoid, conspiracy Insecure, complicity So they can be the authority ===========================