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You Should Dance
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Hip Hop Dance Club song with a Pop and Latino feel. A song for women to dance to, without raunchy lyrics.
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Imran Mandani
Copyright 1-929101531. 5/1/2013. CC BY NC SA
June 28, 2013
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Story behind the song
“You Should Dance” is the first track off Imran Mandani's debut album. The song is a blend of Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music that makes the listener do what the title says. "You Should Dance" tells a "guy meets girl" story from start to finish and boasts three separate choruses. The lyrics allow the listener to relate to what is being sung. "You Should Dance" is a realistic song about male to female interaction and dynamics on a dance floor. Where most Hip Hop club songs have a fantasy aspect and start somewhere in the middle, this song talks about a man trying to get a woman to dance with him from the minute he walks up to her table. The song has an Electro-Pop feel with a slight Latino beat at a moderately fast tempo.
Artist: Imran Mandani Song: You Should Dance Album: Abstract Brown Copyright 2012-2013 (Verse 1) I see you sitting there, you're playing with your hair I see you smiling at me, I'm trying not to stare My time to make a move, you act so unaware I came to break the ice, and get you off your chair I can't ignore your friends, I'm talking to them first And so I make 'em laugh, but only you I flirt You know I come correct, I know that you're impressed I feel you open up, you want me to yourself (First Hook) 2x I think I fell in love, but only for a minute I just might have to dip, if you don't get into it Don't even act like you don't wanna dance Don't even act like you don't wanna dance (Verse 2) Now your friends dragged you out, you didn't want to go But you are looking fine, and ready for the floor I know you feel my vibe, it's written in your eyes You say you can't dance, but really you're just shy You like to sit and chat, But I just grab your hands I didn't even ask, and now you're pulling back You look a little nervous, but I just take the lead You contradict your words, and now you're on your feet (First Hook) 2x (Verse 3) This club is too damn loud, I can't hear you talking Talk with your body babe, dance like no one is watching If you gon' hesitate, I'll feel it in your moves So let your self go, and get into the groove You got that inner swagger, but out your element I let you loosen up, cause I'm a gentleman I let you do your thing, you moving pretty close Now you grinding on me, you out your comfort zone (Second Hook) 2x Are you falling in love? Let's dance from start to finish You start to juke and grind, just keep up with the rhythm Dance like there's no tomorrow, let's dance the night away Don't act like you wanna leave, I know you want to stay (Bridge) I don't want to just grab you and be a total jerk Just get into the music and just let your booty work You can grab my hands and place them anywhere you want Girl you got it going on don't be afraid to flaunt You just grab your girlfriends make a circle all around me I just get into the middle you can come surround me You just grab your girlfriends make a circle all around me I just get into the middle you can come surround me (Third Hook) 2x I think you fell in love, been dancing for a minute Last call for alcohol, let's leave and we can kick it Don't ever act like you don't want to dance Don't ever act like you don't want to dance