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Party Boat
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June 27, 2013
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PARTY BOAT (Verse) The clock rings at five and I'm barely alive But I drag myself out of my bed I've still got an hour, so I grab a quick shower And toast up two slices of bread I oil my reel and I pack up a meal That would feed about three normal men I wander outside and I wait for my ride 'Cause I'm going out fishing again (chorus) Going out on a party boat Sails at six-fifteen I got my reels and I got my beer And I got my Dramamine Gonna leave all my cares behind I don't know a better way Won't come back til the sun goes down Gonna fish and drink all day (verse) Fred on my right has been up half the night He's been suckin' a bottle since four He's been feeliln' no pain and the bottle's near drained But his brown paper bag has two more His eyes have turned pink and I really don't think That by now he could point to the shore And he offers me some of his one-eighty rum I say "Thanks, but I had some before" (verse) Joe, by the rail, brought his own plastic pail And his wife and his son and his daughter Joe's kinda tall, but his wife's fat and small And the kid's are both fatter and shorter He cracks a big grin as he first see the fin Of his fish comin' out of the water As it goes in his bucket, his wife says what luck it Has been that he hooked her and caught her (verse) Jimmy, the mate, brought his Saturday date And it seems like he really did pick her He saw her last night and he got her real tight On a pint of Canadian liquor He just learned her fate, that's she's seven days late And he knows that he's going to stick her It seems she just ate and 'tween that and the bait With each toss of the boat she gets sicker
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