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Mold Him
Vs. TF1 (Molden Owens)
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HipHop - Battles/Disses
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June 22, 2013
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Story behind the song
I found a baby in the garbage raised it, it acted unruley took off to start a f** s life ,so I disowned him, i spotted him one day on the street rapping with other f** s, his gay bf came looking for him, I gave the bf my gun and bounced , the bf kills molden for cheating.
How you gone diss me, sayN my race iffy Yer b*** spit plenty, so I give her Mix Beat Let me hear yer anger, Ive studied yer history You was born in a manger, cross bred tragedy Found you in da garbage, showed you what art is Mike Gave you a name, Now you think you an artist WantN me to do sh** , but dont like what I farted Type who wont do sh** , but get wiped regardless Now you Spit in ciphers, rock'N adult diapers and n*** s hate liars, cuz You PASS the fire Keep playing games, get yer hip hop scotched His ass ready fer change, Like the f** he rocks Me? Im done with em, Imma let his man grip em Leave the gun with em, He got rubber band syndrome I can understand with em, cuz his b*** es never listen He was kissN em, but he dissN him, Now he KillN em
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