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No commercial use of this MP3 is allowed. A polite nod in the direction of my favourite rock band.
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #329
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
Peter L Jones
2004 Peter L Jones
May 18, 2004
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Story behind the song

Bass: Natural Studio's JBass, Kjaerhus Audio Classic Compressor;
Lead: Computer Music sampleset from CM71B (04/04) "CleanElectric", Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger and SimulAnalog's JCM900;
Pasi's Heavy and Clean's Heavy Rhythm, Kjaerhus Audio Classic Compressor;
Natural Studio's NS_Kit7, Kjaerhus Audio Classic Reverb, Compressor and Master Limiter;
AudioNerdz' Delay Lama's Rabten

The bassline came first, then the drums. The rhythm helped me find where the track wanted to go, making the lead obvious. Rabten speaks for himself ;-)

Oh, and you might like this link... http://www.potw.org/archive/potw232.html

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