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Guardian Angel
A lovely song i wrote for a project for college, and also to cure some of my depressed feelings from having to come back home from visiting my Fiancee.
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Chris Connor
Chris Connor
June 14, 2013
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Story behind the song
I got back from visiting my Fiancee in Canada and was in a state of Depression. Her and her mum told me to keep busy and do some of my outstanding college work, which one of the pieces was to write a song, So i sat on Skype talking to her and messing about on the acoustic and got a few chords, then the next day say down and recorded it, and added extra parts and generally adapted it. A week later i got some lyrics written and attempted to sing over it, which went moderately well i think... but either way... it got in as a piece for my coursework in time for the deadline and it's kind of a song that came from deep inside me. I hope you enjoy it, even with the dodgy singing.