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Barn For Cows (Vs. Bazerk)
Vs. Bazerk (Byron Martinez) Dudes name means "Barn For Cows" True Story...
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HipHop - Battles/Disses
Previous peak charts position #184
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
May 31, 2013
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1:45 minutes
Story behind the song
He's Mexican, He's into UFC and looks like Cro Cop the fighter, (who round house kicked a Mexican fighter and won in 46 seconds) He's a Canibus fan and his dad died from drinking too much He raps with a group called Rabid Nation, which is on a bad losing streak
Yo This n*** was dead,approachN the Vet the moment the beat dropped Since Byron Canibus led, Disastrous death, Colonels and red box Definitely somethiN’ he said, FUCK what he read. I’m RUN’N DA OCTAGON! Funny you’re Mexican bred, in Spanish instead? You just got Cro cop’d! Mira Pendeho, tomar este fuego! Tu Hablas GRANDE y Quieres Leche Asi Mamame Bicho ! HAHA!!! NAH, Im just f*** ing with you, but the crowd gone suffer with you Cuz Yous A JUDAS To Music, AND THIS IS SUPPER WITH YOU! Look at the way, my knife is dripping away yer life A similar way, your father Died,sippN away on Coors light. IM, SpikeN the punch of your Life, When Doing it Right… its something like prom night! Rabid Nation is notorious for Avid rape’Ns Berserk how I work the dirt on his occupation His pad, right where I left it, that’s a combination f** s Dig, Front(N) his Past, double penetration