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What the F*** Hip Hop
Outrage at the state of society in relation to the rap game.
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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Jon Wagner
I have verifiable proof to the rights of this song
May 27, 2013
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Story behind the song
When Lil' Wayne signed Paris Hilton, I replied.
Lyrics are different than the song. This is just a recording of the first cut I made yesterday. I gotta sit back and wonder where went the times when we used pen and paper to transcribe our rhymes? to paint a f*** in' picture with our visceral philosophies. But now these fake rappers promotin’ killin’ and atrocities? Cause when you turn on the radio, isn’t that all that you hear? Talkin’ about killin’, rollin’, and how much they make in a year. Perpetuatin’ the fear of becomin’ yourself. Make us wanna get money and care for not a thing else. Except doin’ molly and smokin’ up blunts. In times like these Where kids emulate your lives Do you ever feel responsible for the kids that die? Cause of some sh** you put in a rhyme Fillin’ up their heads with the lies. That the only way they can have fun is to first get high. So they do what they can, just to get by. To continue that high. Roll the die with their lives. How are you getting grammy nods with your lies? Rewind the clock 20 years, and try to release the same sh** . You wouldn’t have lasted past your first hit. But you’re lucky we live in a time where gettin’ laid Is the only way you get respect or get paid there's a difference between living comfortably, and well above your means. these fake hood f*** ers are living like kings and queens. And the sh** they do help with? Means as much as a fake ring When they donate to charity, it hardly costs them a thing. And you wonder why shots are being fired all day? They’re pissed that you get pampered all day. And you don’t do sh** but rub it in their face. Give them some f*** ing help, give these children a place! And these mothers a home, so they can raise their own. It’s not that hard to see what’s right from what’s wrong. I think I’ve said my piece; I’ve wrote my list. One last thing, this FAKE RAP WON’T BE MISSED