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"Wasting Kisses" (Worktape)
Words and music (C) 2013 Darin Martin and Chris Isling
Country - Country General
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Previous peak charts position #48
May 26, 2013
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160 kbps bitrate
2:47 minutes
Story behind the song
She's tired of kissing guys that cheat on her.
"Wasting Kisses" Words and music (C) 2013 Darin Martin and Chris Isling (V1) I'm sick and tired of wasting my life On guys like you who I thought was Mr. right Just to find you're every little bit of wrong I won't be part of the games you play When it comes to the end of the day You ain't worth waiting on (Pre-Chorus) It's the same old sad songs Go ahead and get gone (Chorus) I'm done and I can no longer see You as the man I thought you'd be You're just a child living in a grown woman's world You won't change, I won't compromise I need a man who treats me right I won't settle for less so baby I'm through Wasting kisses on guys like you (V2) Your momma told you I was the one She don't know the things you've done Your cheatin' heart's been all over town You think you're smooth, got me fooled But you're the one who's going to get schooled I ain't gonna be hangin' around (Repeat Pre-Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) (Ride) Instrumental Break - Electric Guitar Solo (Bridge) One day you'll come around to see That your biggest mistake was loosing me (Repeat Chorus)