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Sit Down **Diss Track**
Diss track to 2 emcees who were calling me out The Phenomenal 1 aka (Molden Owens) C.F.M. Caliman (James Earl)
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HipHop - Battles/Disses
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April 30, 2013
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Story behind the song
VS. The Phenomenal 1 aka (Molden Owens) C.F.M. {Caliman} (James Earl)
TF1 (Molden Owens) Atlanta, GA Ay yo You know why, I stay on yer mind, one play at a time I'm thorough, I feed you and 1/2 of yer burrow, man... you all rhymes I've killed n*** s with land mines, b*** es got me pissed, cuz you playN it on-line You 16... n*** I rip those, you sayN you spit flows? its obvious you suckN on MY bone... Piss my mans off you gone be duckN from MY chrome Watch a f** switch,as I purposely miss.. Life's a b*** ..cant swallow?... spit on yer own clothes... He need Pointers, Someone give em a hand I Need a Lawyer, Son'N these kids.. NOT giveN a damn You gone sit your ass down When IM using the can Im KillN Owens off FAST. like Im PayN a grand Leave em MOLD'n right there, he illogically dumb Take a Moment, Light flares, for the phenomenal one the whole Atlanta know my hammers are ESPECIALLY Numb Couple Hawks plan to Brave against // THESE-FOWL-CONS C.F.M. (James Earl) Cali, USA Mr James Earl, I'm adressN the caliman Yes I did Hurl, when BeheadN taliban SO I only get sicker killer n*** s while battleN You like that, Your homework?... Go home and recite that Yous a coward, I see the way the grippN ya hands I use a coward, to keep da spray from hittn my Man I'll be damned if I fall before heatN the blam You from Cali, so you used to gettN Hit With a Tan My music like slaves, Balls and chains Ya music..Light Plays, and yer performance gay Tryna shoot it like mike, Get you faded away But you used to that too, F*** it die while you wave Since James feel important, like a radio 10 I pray to yer men, then turn you up knife or a pen His life it depends, His peers might come to defend So you'll ...HEAR... morning, but See FM