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It's Not Rocketist Scientist
You can also watch the animated video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9k1DYhi8pg
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #364
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #80
Eric K Holbrook
April 23, 2013
MP3 8.5 MB
160 kbps bitrate
7:23 minutes
Story behind the song
This a song I wrote and created between the months of March and April 2013. In between the beginning and ending of the creation of the song, my father died and it was a struggle to finish this piece, mostly because it kept reminding me of his sudden death. The music contains approx 31 audio tracks / recordings of various instruments & percussion. Editing took approximately 1 month to get the song where I wanted. It's a long song, approximately 6 minutes. A vocal part is coming one day, but I haven't written the lyrics as of yet. To distract myself after visiting my father in the hospital, I'd lay down a new track, the high pitch 80's video game beep melody track being the most notable, and which was played and record on an ipad, then exported. I probably drove my mother (who I was staying with while we dealt with my father's issues) nuts while she listened to me play this over and over and over to get it right. But it was therapy to my soul, a distraction of what was going on around me. The other tracks were me playing a real guitar or two, other keyboards, etc. And on and on. 31 track with about 7 percussion tracks created in various ways (claps were from the ipad as well). So this video is not about the "video" exactly, but I put the animation together to help it along, so to speak. I thinks it's rather amusing and the characters remind me of the muppets a bit. Getting all their movements and head bobs and turns took a bit of patience. The animation was created at the suggestion of a friend who said I should put the song on YouTube, but I said, 'what about the video?'. So after mulling it over for a week, I came across Muvizu and last night (yes, 1 night) I put together the animation parts using the built in characters. I didn't go nuts with trying to "sync" everything perfectly. I tossed in the "audience" members early this morning to liven it up a bit when viewing the band from the stage camera, and did the final mix of the video (with the train walkthrough part also a quickie take in the early morning hours) a few hours later after lunch. Remember, my main goal was to get my song online, not the "video". Considing I download the software Tuesday afternoon, never had used it, and finished by Wednesday, not too bad I guess :) An yes, once again (mostly directed at Google because they hassle me about my own songs), the song is my own creation. Don't hassle me about it, please. Please. I have all 32 tracks in either edited or unedited form right here if you need verification. A little about the song: It's very simple; 3 chords. A, E and D. But this is me. I grew up listening to the Ramones, the Clash, and Devo, with a touch of Bluegrass thrown in for good measure. A touch of Kraftwerk. A bit of Gospel. Then came along the Pogues, the Damned, Sex Pistols, and the Chieftains. They all play a role in what I like to hear and what I like to create. My songs tend to start with 1 instrument, build up layers, take some away, and finally bring all the pieces together near the end. And the "end" is typically about 4 to 5 minutes or more. Mixing a Banjo with a distortion guitar just seems so natural to me. A fiddle with a thumping bass is even better. Or better yet, all of the above. Keep it fast if possible. Strange perhaps. But like Mick Jagger said, "It's only Rock and Roll, but I like it."... or something to that effect. Finally, because of the events going on while I was creating this song, ultimately I want to dedicate it to my father. Love you Dad, and miss you.