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Saved Me Twice - breakfreeministries.net
Saved Me Twice is a hot track from Life Saving Decision's 3rd and final album "Shades Of Our Reflection" 2012.
Single - $1.75
HipHop - Christian Rap
Charts #15,229 today (peak #124)
Charts #447 in subgenre today (peak #6)
Kevin A. Beebe/Aaron L. Thompson
Life Saving Decision/Break Free Ministries LLC
April 21, 2013
MP3 3.9 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:24 minutes
Story behind the song
Saved Me Twice is about how Jesus Christ not only saved our souls by taking our sin up on the cross but how He has saved our lives. I pray that it encourages you and those you share it with that through Christ all things are possible.
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