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Bob Wyatt-Ragged Man
Even a homeless man on the street can keep up his spirits if he believes in The Good Lord Above
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Jody Dickey/James Odle jr/Bob Wyatt
April 14, 2013
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Ragged Man ©2013 James Odle, Jr. / Jody Dickey / Bob Wyatt His clothes a little ragged in his step a little stagger blisters from that hot asphalt street but the magic is still in his feet pushing round an old rusty cart a song of joy still in his heart as I finished my drink that day he turned and I heard him say Don't feel sorry for me The Good Lord's got a plan, don't you see Every night before I lay down to sleep He makes sure that I've earned my keep Pulling dreams out of a ditch May not make this poor sinner rich But His truth's like pure amnesty To a ragged man like me So I offered him my can he reached out and he shook my hand said, "Kindness goes a long, long way.” but he blessed my soul that day when he tossed that can in his cart he left me with his song in my heart (repeat chorus)
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