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Angel With a Broken Wing
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Written for World Down syndrome Day, and for all angels in disguise. May they always be seen for the miracle they are! 10% of proceeds from this song go towards Down Syndrome research. Please consider a purchase!!
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Natalie Alberts
March 20, 2013
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Story behind the song
It was the surprise of my life when my fourth child, Jarom, was born with Down syndrome. I was only 32 years old, and I had been told I was low risk, even the blood work done through the popular triple screen given in early pregnancy said there was little chance that I would have a child with a chromosomal abnormality. My 20 week ultrasound also showed no physical markers of the condition. So when I was told they suspected he had Down syndrome within an hour of his birth, all I could think was, "they don't know what they are talking about!" But they did know, and when I was given second and third opinions, I reluctantly accepted what was later confirmed by genetic testing. Prior to all this, I was one of those mothers that said, "If XYZ happened to my child, I would love them no matter what". I found, that when it actually happens, it's not that easy. Yes, I loved my child, but I was so very crushed by his diagnosis that it made acceptance of his limitations difficult. I felt so inadequate to meet challenges that I only barely understood. I knew so little about Down syndrome. It took time, but I came to accept and understand more about what it meant to have a child who would always be labeled as "disabled", "different", and the dreaded words "mentally retarded". And in that time, Jarom has taught me more than what any book, doctor, or website can teach me about Down syndrome. He has taught me about patience. He has taught me about selflessness. He has taught me about unconditional love. He has shown me a side of life I never would have seen without him. Talk to any mother of a child with Down syndrome, or any other disability, and I know you will hear a similar response. These children are a blessing in disguise; angels sent to give us pause and open our eyes to what is really important. Jarom is only 16 months old, and he has only begun to teach me what it is to love, learn, and truly appreciate beauty. So this song is for Jarom, and every angel walking among us in disguise. I used the term "Angel with a broken wing", not because I believe Jarom, and others like him, are "broken". I used that word because unfortunately, that is how many people in this broken world see Down syndrome and disabilities in general. The broken wing is a distraction--it is what people choose to see. They completely miss out on the angel, because they are so focused on what they perceive to be broken. I hope I conveyed the message well that "we are all broken, in some way". No one is perfect, each of us has a "disability" whether we want to admit it or not. If we can look at what we see as "broken" and instead see an opportunity to find beauty, perhaps we can heal what is broken in our hearts, families, and societies.
"Angel With a Broken Wing" By Natalie Alberts Copyright 2013 When you came into life you were given a second name There was time and again when the world said "You're not the same" Before I knew you I might have agreed One of those who were too blind to see That you're an angel with a broken wing You fell down from heaven and into my arms I didn't know how beautiful it could be Till you opened my heart, my angel with a broken wing You deserve so much more than the little I have to give Though your burden was high, you determined to not give in I watched you take every rule that they made And proved them wrong when you chose your own way Cause you're an angel with a broken wing Your purpose is great, your dream is my dream I didn't know how beautiful it could be Till you opened my heart, my angel with a broken wing Well, we all are broken in some way Whether it's visible, or safely hidden away Together we can make things change We can pick up the pieces and see what we create I love my angel with a broken wing My gift, and my treasure, forever you'll be I wouldn't know how beautiful it could be But you rescued my heart, my angel with a broken wing Yes, you rescued my heart, my angel with a broken wing
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