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Sleep On Old Soldier
The lyrics of the chorus are the inscription on my great grand father Abraham Haptonstall's tombstone .
Country - Bluegrass
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Curt Haptonstall/Charity Rambo
March 08, 2013
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Story behind the song
My 4th GreatGrandfather Abraham Haptonstall Jr. at 15 years of age enlisted in the army as an infantryman. During his first enlistment he was part of the building of the first fort near West Point along the Hudson River and was in skirmishes with Tories, the group of settlers loyal to the Crown. When his 1st enlistment was up he went back to his home in Bloomingrove NY and when he rejoined the army in 1776 Abe fought in the Battle of Stony Point, a point along the Hudson where the British had taken an American fort. From a mountain top nearby George Washington observed the fort and with General Anthony Wayne devised a plan to re-take the fort. An elite group of 150 men was assembled and a guerilla style attack was planned. Abe Jr. was one of these men who at dark of night, slealthily waded through the river, surprised the British and took control of the fort. Abe was wounded in the battle but not seriously. He served out the rest of his six month hitch and went home. In 1777 he enlisted again and was at the "Storming of Fort Montgomery." After the war he married Rachel Price and started a family. My 3GGF Charles Haptonstall, their 9th child, was born in Woodford , Kentucky near Louisvile. Abe Jr. died in 1847 and his gravestone bears an inscription written by his daughter Charity Rambo which reads: "Sleep On Old Soldier, Your work on earth is done No more will you hear cannons roar at the setting of the sun Your wars are over and your troubles cease Your God given spirit can forever rest in peace"