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Rasta Robin
A song about Robin Hood and his merry men...and Maid Marian too
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Dereck Rose, Harry Willans
Dereck Rose, Harry Willans
March 07, 2013
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Story behind the song
That Robin Hood was really a Rasta man, who became rich from selling his Lincoln green fabrics in and around Nottingham city, then he and his merry men all moved to Millionaire Row, and soon all the inhabitants of Nottingham threw away their out-of-date heavy Chain-male suits, because Lincoln Green became the fashionable garment to wear.
me was down in sherwood forest inna mi lincoln green a-plucking on mi lute and fishing in de stream, up a-nottingham way dem wear de chain-male suit de sherrif at de door wouldn't let me through so mi shot de sherrif wit mi long bow den mi tek mi self a big house inna millionaire row now everybody a-wear mi lincoln green and in de street mi merry men dem stopping all de thief-in. mi lived in de forest cos mi had no job so mi did mi bit of poaching in de rich mans yard to feed mi maid marian and all mi brood me is feared by de bad, loved by de good.
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