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Just another day
A re-vamp of an old band song with Chris Mallows providing the vocals.
Rock - Rock General
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February 28, 2013
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3:41 minutes
Just another day Some guy got blown away .38 at point blank range Well thats what the papers say Theres no fear of death The flame dies with an eternal breath Although its kind of strange Falling with no insight of death The rapid acceleration Blood cries from the laceration Heaven and Hell are one Heaven and Hell are the same Oh, what a shame I had a better expectation. And death brings no feeling of fright I see it on the TV every night And it leaves me nothing but time Trying to hang on to the light I m left with nowhere to go Drifting on the currents as they flow And it leaves me feeling fine The blizzards of insanity leave nothing to show I wont be held responsible Im just not that philosophical Heaven and Hell are one Heaven and Hell are the same Just play the game