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Workin' Too Hard
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Bluesy song about how many of us are working all the time, with too little time to play
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Blues - Blues Rock
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Alan Marscher
2013 by Alan Marscher
February 16, 2013
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1. I got my obligations, got my bills to pay I do the best I can, but I'm livin' day to day I work like the devil meeting each deadline But my lady don't appreciate being left behind, she says: Chorus: You've been workin' too hard, yeah, you've been workin' too hard You've been workin' as if you're some kind of bee You know you're workin' too hard, yeah, you're workin' too hard It's time to start shirkin' your responsibility You gotta stop workin' so hard, you gotta stop workin' so hard So you can spend some more time playin' with me 2. You're workin' on your laptop every night and day No matter how much you get done, the work never goes away You work as if the devil is tellin' you what to do It keeps you up till midnight, you don't go to bed before two, 'cause [Chorus] [Guitar interlude] [Chorus]
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