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You're No Good
Pop - Pop Rock
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Robert Baitinger / Fabian Goerg
February 14, 2013
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Story behind the song
"You’re No Good" is an upbeat rock pop song with built-in soul elements. This song allows Elisa to show just what she can do with her versatile voice. She is backed up with a brass ensemble. The song is about a problematic relationship. Production: Markus Lammarsch Vocals: Elisa Mueller Rhodes, hammond: Thorsten Schaefer All other instruments: Markus Lammarsch
YOU’RE NO GOOD (Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger / Fabian Goerg) Intro: You’re no good, good, good You’re no good, good, good Verse 1: You don’t know what I’m feeling baby When you come home late every night To be in love with a guy like you No, you don’t know what it’s like Verse 2: I’ve been wanting to leave you lately But I don’t know if that’s wrong or right You give me hell but you drive me crazy When you give me what I like Pre-chorus: I can’t take it, can’t take it no more I’m in love, like never before You stole my heart, now you want my soul Can’t get enough of you, I’m out of control Chorus: You’re no good, good, good No, you don’t know what it’s like You’re no good, good, good But you sure can give me what I like Verse 3: I’ve been riding a roller coaster I’d like to set my feelings aside You break my heart on a daily basis No, you don’t know what it’s like Verse 4: You make loving so much fun, ooh In bed with you is such a delight When I forget that you’re no good That’s when you give me what I like Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge: I know you know you're no good for me I want a guarantee I get the third degree Whatever you say, I disagree Will we finally get this to work out right If I stay one more night I can't put up a fight When you give me, ooh what I like Chorus
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