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Let Me Run
Rock - Guitar Rock
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Robert Baitinger
February 14, 2013
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Story behind the song
"Let Me Run" is a rock ballad that describes the process of teenagers growing up and yearning to deal with life on their own. The track is produced in an indie rock style with a strong guitar sound. The song has a very catchy hook line. Production: Bastian Knochel Vocals: Elisa Mueller Guitars: Markus Lammarsch All other instruments: Bastian Knochel
LET ME RUN (Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger) Verse 1: Long ago I held your hand And you called me Your sweet little baby Verse 2: Just look at me Now I’m all grown up Hey, can’t you see It’s time to set me free Pre-chorus: Wanna say goodbye To yesterday ‘Cause time’s not waiting for me Chorus: Let me run Let me break away And touch the sky There’s a battle to be won It can be done I’ll spread my wings And learn to fly If you’d just let me run Verse 3: Times will come When I’ll be down and out And all alone That’s when I’ll call you on the phone Verse 4: I’ll - take the flames And I’ll look at life As one big game I’m gonna - overcome the strain Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge: I can’t say just how much I love you But I’ve got to walk this road alone I’ll do it my way, I’ll carry through I wanna make it on my own Chorus Chorus
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