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Anderson Speedway
Country - Country-Rock
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Steve Wallace
March 16, 2013
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Story behind the song
This Song was written about my local race car track in Anderson,IN Sung by Mark Sutton Nashville,TN "Figure 8 Racing Legend" Starting on the front row getting ready to go Winning is on his mind With another win sure to come hes tough to beat no matter where he goes He knows how to move and groove Through the Crossover and get to the front of the pack When the checkered flag flys Poem Dedicated To Figure 8 Legend Gene Huston Written By Abby And Hanna Wilson, Steve Wallace Anderson Speedway Song Writer Achieves Success By Helping Others Anderson, IN Songwriter, Steve Wallace, was recently presented with a 2015 Samaritan Heart Award. Sponsored by the Alexandria Times-Tribune and Elwood Publishing Company the Samaritan Heart Awards are presented each year to Alexandria residents who go above and beyond to help others in the community. Steve has put his personal struggles aside to pursue his dream of songwriting. Along the way, he has influenced young singers and songwriters to pursue their dreams as well. An Anderson native, and still an Anderson resident, Steve has been writing songs for 30 years. He has written over 200 songs, with 70 number one songs worldwide. Wallace has achieved these accomplishments while battling Dystonia, a neurological disorder that affects his muscles and speech. Streaming royalties for each time the song, Anderson Speedway is played on Wallaces website http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12159502 are donated to help fight Breast Cancer and other cancers. You can now hear the song on you tube at https://youtu.be/7QoXpZOosgg Nicole Winkler wrote in her nomination of Steve, Steve inspired me by the way he keeps going while battling a disabling disorder that affects him a lot and he never seems to let things get in his way. As tough as the music business is and just everyday living he just keeps on going. Steve has made songwriting his career inspired by small places such as the Anderson Speedway. His song, Anderson Speedway sung by Mark Sutton broke records and became the number one most played song on songramp.coms music charts and is played in over 170 countries worldwide. The song won over 70 awards in 2013-2015. Rick Dawson, President and CEO of Anderson Speedway said We are very proud of Steve and honored he would think enough of Anderson Speedway to include us in one of his songs. Steve has worked with musicians such as Mike Kennedy, drummer for George Strait, and Mark OConnor, an award winning fiddle player in the country music industry. Steve was featured in the August 2015 issue of the National magazine Flat Out Magazine flatoutmag.com Steve recently recieved recognition from the White House and President Obama for his songs and poetry.
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