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Cold Heart (SouthWesterly)
Collaboration with Florida singer/songwriter Dave Jacobs. Dave plays/sings Ken's original tune.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Ken Smith: Lyrics/music
Lyrics Ken Smith 2012
February 08, 2013
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Story behind the song
You can figure this one out; I'm sure...
Cold Heart© Ken Smith (2/11/2012) You've got a cold heart; Livin' inside you; you need a fresh start, and that's nothing new You gotta cold heart; that's gonna turn on you Look in your mirror; tell me what you see; is there just half a man where you used to be With a selfish plan; that's gonna turn on you There was a time so long ago you don't remember; your summers turned cold as December There's nothing left of that once burning ember; Your ice cold veins are frozen blue; through and through You've got a cold heart; deep' inside you; and you play the bold part as few others do You gotta cold heart; that's gonna turn on you Gonna Turn on You Your Life Ain't Got No Rules And she see's through You Gonna Turn on You It's all 'bout you Just a selfish foool
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